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Manage Your Time

Put Rest and Health First 

As with everything else involving CF, time management plays a big role in successful home care. Try these tips to help you focus on feeling well and balancing your medical schedule with everyday life.

  • Take your IV medication out of the fridge an hour before your infusion. When you’re going to sleep, place your IV into a cooler bag (with or without an ice pack, depending on how long until your infusion). It will warm up before it is time to infuse. This saves you a trip to the fridge.

  • Set alarms. Try using a conventional alarm clock, cell phone alarms or kitchen timers to remind yourself when to start your IVs or flush your line.

  • Try to stay on schedule with your medication. If your infusions are every 6 hours, a 6 a.m.–12 p.m.– 6 p.m.–12 a.m. schedule might work best. Or, if it’s every 8 hours, a 7 a.m.– 3 p.m.–11 p.m. routine might work. Be flexible and rearrange all of the priorities in your schedule. Anything that’s not health-related might have to wait.

  • Slow down. Errors happen when we rush. Talk yourself through medication or IV preparation so each step is clearly followed. Try to schedule your routine so you won’t feel rushed, and stick to that schedule.

  • If you can’t be home for a delivery, ask if your home care agency can deliver your supplies to your work or a neighbor’s home. Ask if you can place your oxygen tank outside your door and have it refilled when you’re gone.

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Updated 8/7/13

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