Managing Home Care

There’s no place like home. You get to sleep in your own bed, you’re not as exposed to super bugs, you’re more active and you can enjoy your favorite foods. That’s why so many adults with CF opt for home care when they are on antibiotics.

As when you go to the hospital when your CF flares up or gets worse, the goal of home care is to help you finish treatments and feel better AND keep you in your best physical shape.

Sometimes, that means starting a course of treatment in the hospital, such as IV (intravenous) antibiotics, and finishing at home, or starting a treatment like home oxygen or tube feeding at home for an unknown period of time.

No matter the situation, the responsibility of home care can be scary, especially when you start off feeling lousy or depressed about being sick and needing treatment.

But remember: Managing your own home care — and becoming an expert at treating yourself — is a very rewarding experience.

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Thank you to Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, MSW, an adult with CF, for writing this section.