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Day-to-Day Time Management

Adult life brings lots of exciting new experiences, which can keep you busy. With hobbies, school, work, relationships and family demands, it can be a real drag fitting in all the CF stuff.

It’s easy to make excuses and say you’re too busy or to procrastinate on doing your treatments. But even if you’re feeling well, you still have to do
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Did You Know?

About – 50 percent of people with CF do not follow their doctor’s treatment recommendations completely. (G.Latchford, et al. 2009) That’s probably because of time management challenges.

We live in a rushed society: some 19 percent of meals in the United States are eaten in the automobile. (CBS News Healthwatch, Car Cuisine, 2/11/09)

treatments as an investment in the long haul.

Whether you’re trying to get more done in a day or just looking to chill out more, this section discusses ways to manage your time so your CF care is more doable and your life is more enjoyable.

In this Section:

Thank you to Isabel Stenzel Byrnes, MSW, an adult with CF, for writing this section.

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