Work with Your CF Team

Your CF health care team can be a big help for planning a safe and enjoyable trip. There are many things you should talk to them about in advance. For example, discuss your destination and your mode of transportation in case there is a need for increased fluids or salt, special oxygen needs or any other issues specific to you. It may help to talk with your CF dietitian about calorie needs and other issues.

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Plan Ahead!

When traveling in foreign countries, U.S. prescriptions may not be valid and U.S. medications may not be available.

Plan ahead and bring enough supplies to last.


Here are some more tips and topics to discuss with your CF health care team as you plan your trip:

  • Ask them to help you find CF centers and doctors near your destination(s).

  • Discuss your trip plans with your CF health care team and make sure you have the right medications with you — not just for daily use, but for a possible increase in cough and congestion.

    Also, bring extra medication in case your trip is extended because of flight delays or other events.

  • Ask your doctor for extra written prescriptions in case your supplies run out. (Local pharmacies may have to order some CF-specific medications and this can take one business day or longer).

    If the local pharmacy cannot fill the quantity of your prescription due to their limited supply, you can always request less than the amount written on the prescription.
  • If you need oxygen, talk with your local oxygen company for resources to take on your trip. Make sure the airline or other mode of transport allows oxygen.

    Work with your CF health care team to bring the right concentrator and portable compressor. Check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for information related to security screening of equipment.

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Updated 7/22/13