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For Cleaning Equipment, Compressor and Oxygen Use

Keep Your Neb Cups Clean

  • Bring dishwashing detergent to clean your nebulizer cups.

  • Make sure your lodging has a kitchenette, microwave or bring a portable device (like a portable steam sterilizer) to disinfect nebulizers. Check the condition of the water supply in advance and plan to use bottled water/other sources if needed.

Clearing Your Airways

  • Sometimes, a form of airway clearance at home is not the most ideal for travel. For example, a vest unit may be too heavy to travel with, or the person who performs the treatments is not available.

    Talk with your CF center respiratory or physical therapist for airway clearance methods or smaller, more portable devices. Learn about different airway clearance methods.

Using Compressors

  • Check with your CF center and manufacturer to make sure you can use your compressor in other countries. Some compressors only work with U.S. electricity. Even with an adapter and converter, the compressors will be damaged and the warranty will be void if used internationally.

  • If you’re traveling by car, get an adapter so you can do some of your nebs (nebulizers) while getting to your destination.

Traveling with Oxygen

People with CF may wish to travel while on oxygen. This requires planning with your CF health care team, the transportation company, your place of destination, your insurance provider and your oxygen company.

If you will be traveling with oxygen:

  • Review the guidelines for traveling with oxygen by the Transportation Security Administration.

  • When making reservations, ask the transportation company about oxygen and let them know you will need oxygen while traveling. You will need to provide a letter from your CF care center or complete a form from the transportation company.

  • Talk with your health insurance company about traveling with oxygen ahead of time. You may need different equipment on an airplane that your insurance may or may not cover.

  • You will need to contact your local oxygen supply company for help with oxygen while traveling. Your oxygen company can also give you contacts for other companies to make sure you are prepared in case you have problems with oxygen during your trip or you need additional supplies.

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Updated 7/22/13

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