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Work with Your CF Team 

All the Time: 

  • Talk about your "poops" (stools, bowel movements)! 

  • Talk about your stomachaches! 

  • Let your team know if there’s been any change in your pattern of digestion or bowel habit. 

  • Develop and/or review a plan to prevent or manage constipation.

On at Least a Yearly Basis: 

  • Meet with team dietician to review your diet, supplemental vitamins and your use of enzymes. 

  • Set a clear goal regarding your weight — or, in the terminology of your dietitian, your body mass index (BMI). Have a clear plan regarding weight gain or weight loss. 

  • Review your blood levels of vitamins D, E and A. Remember these are “fat” vitamins, and MUST be taken at a time you are taking pancreatic enzymes.  

  • Ask about having a glucose tolerance test to check for CF-related diabetes.


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