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Manage Sensitive Social Situations 

You may have concerns about how to handle social situations that may pose a risk to your health. Be prepared for these situations so that when the time comes you can pull it off without a second thought. 

If you notice that a health care worker forgets to wash his/her hands and/or forgets to glove before touching you, you might say, "I'm sorry, but could you put on a pair of those gloves over by the sink while you examine me?"

You could then add, "With all the patients you take care of every day, I'm sure it gets tiring to be constantly gloving and washing your hands."

Or perhaps you notice not everyone is gowning and gloving when entering your room during your hospital stay. A gentle reminder is all that is needed and is much appreciated most of the time.

It’s important to remember that the goal of infection control is to reduce the risk of exposure to germs in your environment, not eliminate the risk.

There is a balance between ignoring infection control guidelines and the other extreme — becoming obsessed with germ control.

Finding a balance in your daily routine by laying down good infection control habits while still having an active lifestyle is ultimately the recommended approach.

Updated 07/20/12