Basics of Infection Control

Your lungs are more prone to chronic infections due to the thick and sticky secretions that allow germs to thrive and grow. Because of this, prevention of infections is a top priority for your lung health.

Viruses, bacteria, and fungi (molds) are three categories of germs that can cause respiratory problems in people with CF. Also, people with CF can spread germs to each other.

You can help reduce your risk of exposure to germs — by being consistent with your daily treatments, washing your hands carefully, properly cleaning your respiratory equipment carefully and avoiding close contact with others with CF.

Thinking ahead and being prepared can help you handle social situations that may put you at risk for being exposed to more infection.

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Thank you to Christine Singh, M.S.N., A.P.N., B.C., at the Akron Children's Hospital, Ohio CF Care Center for writing this section.