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Work with Your CF Team

The CF care team members at Johns Hopkins Adult CF Care Center.
The CF care team members at Johns Hopkins Adult CF Care Center.

Monitoring and minimizing the buildup of mucus and bacteria in your lungs are two of the key jobs of your CF care team at your care center.

When you come for a checkup your CF care team will likely have you take pulmonary function tests (PFTs) and will ask you about your breathing, coughing and the amount of sputum you are making.

They’ll also ask for a sample of your sputum, which is tested to determine what kinds of bacteria are growing and which antibiotics might fight the bacteria. This is called a “sputum culture.”

Your PFT results will probably look like a sea of numbers and maybe a line graph. The most important PFT is the FEV1, also called lung function. Your FEV1 is the amount of air you can blow out in the first second of a forceful exhalation. Your care team may seem totally obsessed with keeping your FEV1 as high as possible. Well, that’s their job.

Keeping your FEV1 as high as possible is also the job of your medications or pulmonary therapies.

See Use the Right Therapies for more detail on current, as well as some potential, therapies.

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Updated 07/16/12

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