Accept Help Graciously

Asking for — and accepting — support can be hard. Some people with CF feel bad about using community resources. They’d rather not “impose on the system.” Some cling to independence, too proud to look for a “handout.” Others fear the phone calls, forms and frustrations than can come with the search for resources.

The next time you hesitate about seeking or accepting assistance, consider these points:

  • Return the favor. It takes a village to live well, and you are an active member of the village. Whatever help you receive, you can use that to improve your health so you can contribute to society in other ways.

  • Accept the mission. Humbly recognize that non-profits want you to tap into their services — their mission is to serve.

  • Pat yourself on the back. When you receive help, don’t just be grateful: be proud. You’ve successfully navigated the resource maze and found your way to the prize at the end!

Updated 8/28/13