Get Help When You Need It

Don't Wait for a Crisis 

The time to identify available help in your community is before you need it — not when you are in the middle of a health care or other life crisis. So resolve to prepare now for whatever may come your way. Search for community services long in advance of when you may need them. Start your reference file of helpful services today!

  • Prepare for change. Plan for major life transitions such as high school graduation, college graduation and marriage. These are times when you can lose your insurance or encounter financial struggles that require extra support.

  • Mind your medications. Never let your CF get worse because you don’t have medications! You can get help—just be proactive, persistent and honest with your CF health care team. If that doesn’t work, consider calling another CF clinic for a second opinion. Check out the CF Foundation’s Patient Assistance Resources and the CF Services Pharmacy and learn more.

  • Do your homework. You can’t expect your CF health care team to know about every available resource — there are too many to know them all. So share the responsibility for finding the right resources for you. Then share them with your team so others with CF can benefit.

  • Volunteer to learn. What’s the best way to learn about community resources? Become a volunteer in the CF community. Join a board or committee at your local CFF chapter or CF non-profit and you’ll soon be the expert.

  • Make the connection. If you don’t have Internet access, call local community centers or 411 and ask for agencies related to your need. You can also go to your local library or hospital health library.

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Updated 8/28/13