Speaking from Experience 

Hear from two adults with CF about how they balance living with CF and maintaining active social lives.

Eric, age 34

“Socializing can sometimes be tough when you have CF. The main thing is to always have some enzymes at the ready. I usually use old, smaller, empty pill bottles that can easily fit in my pocket. This is one of the major challenges, because it needs constant refilling. If I'm going out at night and will be back somewhat late, I'll try to get neb and vest treatments in before I leave. I usually can manage to sneak enzymes into my mouth either quickly or away from people.

It can be frustrating trying to blend in sometimes when CF is on the mind, but most of the time I can just enjoy myself like anyone else. Sometimes it’s hard turning things down in the week or having to go home earlier than others do because treatments and sleep are higher on my priority list. I just have to be more mindful than most of not sacrificing my health.”

Kristina, age 35

“I think this is one of the harder aspects of CF — balancing mental, emotional and physical health. It’s really important to not only fight for days of life, but for quality of life.

It can be hard to keep up with my healthy peers. I try to be honest and open with them so we can find unique and rewarding ways to enjoy each other’s company and support one another, while still respecting the time and energy restraints of my CF.

I have found being open about my CF allows my friends to help me be as strong as I can be. This has improved and strengthened our friendships overall.”

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Updated 8/27/13