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Get Help When You Need It 

American culture values independence and self-reliance. But having CF can limit your independence and make you feel almost child-like at times. Try not to get discouraged. Remember — it takes a village to live well with CF.

Everyone needs the help of others at some point — CF or no CF. It’s perfectly okay to rely on others for help when you need it.

Keep these things in mind as consider reaching out: 

  • Be clear with your friends about what you need and want. Sometimes you may want no special treatment at all. Or you just need a supportive ear. Other times you may need a ride home from the hospital or help picking up medicine at the pharmacy.

  • Return the favor. When you are feeling stronger, offer to do favors for your friends.

  • Know your limits. Most people with CF don’t want to let their disease get in the way of life. It’s a great attitude, but it can cause problems if your body needs a break.

    Don’t push yourself because you are too embarrassed to say no or you want to be seen as reliable to others. Explain what’s going on to those around you. Tell them you really want to do something but you can’t right now for health reasons.

  • Be on the lookout for depression. It is normal to feel lonely sometimes. The worse CF gets, the more it tends to remove you from places where you can meet friends. Loneliness can lead to sadness, not keeping up with treatments and losing the will to live. Similarly, if you ever find yourself staying away from friends for long periods of time on purpose, this may be a sign of depression.

    A life totally away from others is not good for your mental health — and can actually worsen your physical health. Seek out someone to talk to whenever you are sad or lonely, or if you think your thoughts and behaviors aren’t normal. Your CF health care team will be able to help you find someone to talk with.

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Updated 8/27/13

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