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Make Time for Your Social Life 

Don’t kid yourself: Having quality interactions with friends takes time and energy, like anything else in life. When you have CF, sometimes those two things are lacking.

It might help to explore ways to mix your health care needs with your desire for a full social life. For example, have friends over who can cook a high-calorie meal with you or go out to exercise together. If you are under the weather, perhaps a short phone call, email or visit can give you comfort and boost your spirits.

Always make sure you prioritize your health and set limits on doing stuff with friends. Learning to say no can be life-saving!

You can also strategize by turning your cell phone off when you do your treatments or take a nap. Ask your friends if you can hang out later in the morning after you finished your treatments, or if you can all go out earlier in the evening so you have energy to do your treatment later. Explain your needs clearly and your friends will understand.

Updated 8/27/13

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