Work with Your CF Team 

Learn about Peer Support 
Your CF team is a great resource to guide you through life’s challenges and opportunities. Talk to your team if you are struggling with unsupportive peers. Your social worker can offer suggestions on how you can help them understand CF.

Your team also may have some handouts you can give to your friends that explain CF.

It’s important to be honest with your CF team about the kinds of peer pressure you are facing. Your CF team can give you good advice on ways to balance your health with certain high-risk social situations. Feel free to ask them things like: 

  • What should I do if all my best friends are smokers? 
  • How much alcohol can I drink — and how do my meds interact with alcohol? 
  • How do I manage my insulin if I drink with my friends?

Your CF health care team might also welcome another set of eyes and ears to your visits. If you find these visits overwhelming, ask a friend to tag along. He or she may appreciate being invited into your special world of CF.

Updated 8/27/13