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Lone Star Chapter

27th Annual Tower Climb & Run

Event Overview

Thank You 2012 Tower Climbs:

Thank you to all of those who participated in the 2012 Tower Climb and Run Event! You are all champions and now have special bragging rights to the most unique athletic challenge in San Antonio! You all braved the 952 steps of the Tower of the Americas and WON!

Below are links to event photos and a link to the timing results. You are welcome to purchase photos from each site and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to support research into finding a cure for CF. If you have questions about the race results, please feel free to direct questions directly to Roger Soler Sports at 210-695-6430.

Thank you all again for your help and support to the CFF and for being a part of this year's Tower Climb and Run event! You all ROCK!

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Because of risks to people with cystic fibrosis, individuals with a confirmed positive sputum culture for Burkholderia cepacia complex shall not attend this event. This is because B. cepacia can be passed between individuals who have CF through close proximity. B. cepacia infection in a person with CF can cause serious respiratory illness and, in some patients, may lead to death.

Despite this policy, there might still be some individuals with B. cepacia in attendance. B. cepacia is not a risk for otherwise healthy individuals. Learn more about alternative ways in which a person with B. cepacia can participate, or call the CF Foundation at (800) FIGHT-CF. Consult your CF care center physician with medical questions.

Important note on attendance for people with CF and their families:
The health and well-being of people with cystic fibrosis is our top priority. Medical evidence shows that certain bacteria can be passed between individuals who have CF and can lead to worse symptoms and speed decline in lung function. To limit the serious risk of cross-infection between people with CF, only one person with CF may be invited to attend the indoor portion of each CF Foundation-sponsored event.  For the outdoor portion of the event, people with CF should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other.

Please note: People with CF and their families should be aware that individuals with CF might choose to attend Foundation events or meetings without notifying event organizers. We strongly discourage this; however, we cannot guarantee that only one person with CF will be present at any indoor Foundation event. For more information, please call your local chapter.

To participate: