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Executive Director:
Ms. Danelle O'Neill
Wisconsin Chapter
Madison Branch
20875 Crossroads Circle
Suite 350
Waukesha, WI, 53186
T: (608) 298-9902

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Get Assistance - Cox Boys
We are here to help people with CF get the insurance coverage they need. Hear how the Foundation helped the Cox family.

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Wisconsin Chapter
Madison Branch

Unleash your Story

Event Overview

Unleash Your Story: Make a Difference brings readers and writers together to raise awareness and funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF). Cystic Fibrosis is the most common fatal genetic disease in the U.S. Thirty years ago life expectancy for a child born with CF was only five years, but through the efforts of the CFF and others, life expectancy and quality of life has increased dramatically. We hope through our fund-raiser to help the CFF continue these efforts and to someday soon find a cure!

The Unleash Your Story: Make a Difference event will feature fun contests and prizes to challenge readers and writers to rack up the highest word counts, pages read and funds raised. Writers can strive to keep pace with prolific, award-winning author Lori Wilde while readers can try to match avid reader Michelle Buonfiglio of Romance: B(u)y the Book.

To participate you can:

- Start your own team. Work with other readers or writers to raise money, complete WIPs, read books, and win prizes together.
Donate individually, and ask others to support you. Through the CFF web site every participant will get their own personal web page where people can donate in that participant’s name. (All donations are tax deductible.)

The event will run Augusts 30-September 28, but registration begins in August.
For more information email or visit our web site at

Be sure to check back when the event begins to see the progress and work of the writers involved!

Register today!





Important note on attendance for people with CF and their families:
The health and well-being of people with cystic fibrosis is our top priority. Medical evidence shows that certain bacteria can be passed between individuals who have CF and can lead to worse symptoms and speed decline in lung function. To limit the serious risk of cross-infection between people with CF, only one person with CF may be invited to attend the indoor portion of each CF Foundation-sponsored event.  For the outdoor portion of the event, people with CF should maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from each other.

Please note: People with CF and their families should be aware that individuals with CF might choose to attend Foundation events or meetings without notifying event organizers. We strongly discourage this; however, we cannot guarantee that only one person with CF will be present at any indoor Foundation event. For more information, please call your local chapter.

To participate:

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