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Executive Director:
Ms. Celia Palmer
Sooner Chapter
Oklahoma City Office
Bethany Bank Tower
3908 N. Peniel Ave., Suite 330
Bethany, OK, 73008
T: (405) 787-0056
F: (405) 787-7783

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Get Assistance - Cox Boys
We are here to help people with CF get the insurance coverage they need. Hear how the Foundation helped the Cox family.

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Sooner Chapter
Oklahoma City Office


Volunteers are the key to our success, and we encourage you to get involved! Whether you join a committee and help get sponsors for an event, recruit companies to put together walk teams or volunteer time in our office, you help us achieve our mission—curing and controlling cystic fibrosis. Take a moment to see what a difference you can make by supporting events throughout the year.  Together, we can continue adding tomorrows every day to the lives of people with CF.

Thank you for your interest in the Oklahoma City Office of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation! To donate to a specific event, please see our calendar of events below. To make a general contribution, please click the donation button below.

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Join us for a day of fun and camaraderie as tens of thousands of people across the country take Great Strides! Click here to see where there are walk sites in our area.

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In the Spotlight

Great Strides Child Ambassador, 2014
Jaxon Kail Kretchmar was born April 17, 2010. The day after Jaxon was born he underwent major abdominal surgery. This surgery led to the discovery of meconeum ileus and soon resulted in the diagnosis of cystic fibrosis. From the get go Jaxon proved he has what it takes to be a CF warrior and will proudly show off his "super hero" scars for proof. Jaxon takes pride in helping others and finds ways to be the leader or hero. Always up for an adventure, Jaxon studies Tae Kwon Do and hopes to someday become a ninja turtle. Jaxon is blessed with an amazing network of family and friends that offer endless love, support and encouragement. At the top of that list is Tristen, his big brother, whom Jaxon absolutely adores. Tristen offers special love, protection, and motivation that is instrumental to Jaxon and his attitude towards maintaining his health and ability to fight the disease. Managing CF has become a lifestyle for Jaxon, and though the treatments can be difficult, Jaxon proves to be a very tough CF fighter all while maintaining a sweet, loving, and gentle spirit. We are very encouraged with the significant progress CF researchers are making, and we find hope in the possibility of cure. We know that this can't be accomplished without the funds that research requires. With so many advanced treatments and "miracle" drugs on the horizon, now is the time to support CF research. Your contributions truly make a difference to Jaxon and to all those living with CF. Jaxon is very excited to be this year's Child Ambassador and hopes to see YOU at the walk.Please join Jaxon in raising money to find a CURE for all those with cystic fibrosis!

You can go to Jaxon's Great Strides page here.

Great Strides Ambassador, 2014
My name is Wes Hawkins. I am a 20 year old studying Hotel & Restaurant Administration at Oklahoma State University and I have cystic fibrosis (CF). I was diagnosed with CF at the age of 3, before it was required that all newborns be tested for CF. For many years I lived a relatively normal life; playing sports, doing gymnastics, and anything else I could get into. At age 15, however, the symptoms of CF started to have impact me. CF had always been something I managed, a lifestyle of sorts. But it has shifted to the reality of recurring infections, hospital stays, and much more. This new "normal" woke me up to the ways in which I can help to better my future.

I partner with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation to raise awareness and funds for CF research. I find purpose in helping others understand what it's like to battle this disease and how their contributions can truly make a difference in the CF community. When I raise funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation I am investing in my future and in the future of all those who fight CF. I sincerely believe that one day soon we will be able to say that CF stands for CURE FOUND!

You can go to Wes's Great Strides page HERE.

News and Events

09/15/2014   CF Care Centers Advocate for Access to Enzymes in Michigan Medicaid
09/04/2014   Physician Highlights Needs of People with CF in Congressional Roundtable
08/28/2014   2014 Great Strides, Great Stories - Team Megan
08/18/2014   Climbing Higher and Higher: Volunteers Raise $144,000 to Support CF Foundation’s Mission
08/06/2014   Record Setting $1.2 Million Raised at CF Foundation’s Pipeline to a Cure
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