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Study Name: Genetic Modifiers of Cystic Fibrosis Liver Disease
Study Type: Observational
Intervention Category: Not Applicable
Study Sponsor: Knowles, Michael
Study Phase:
Recruitment Status: Recruiting
Study Drug(s): Not Applicable
Number of Participants Being Recruited:
Single / Multi-Center: Multi-Center
This study examines â??modifier genesâ?? that may play a role in the development of CF liver disease. Modifier genes are genes, other than the CF gene (CFTR), which may directly or indirectly have an affect on how the body responds to the conditions that develop as the result of the defective CFTR gene. Scientists have wondered why some patients with CF develop CF liver disease and why some patients with CF do not. To better understand the problem, this study was designed to examine the genetic makeup of CF patients who are considered to have severe liver disease to see if they can identify any modifier genes. Researchers will study blood samples, pulmonary function tests, and other medical information in hopes that a connection can be made between genetic make-up and how severe the liver disease is. The identification of modifier genes that influence disease severity may ultimately lead to a better understanding of CF liver disease, and may be useful in the development of new treatments.
Age: >= 1 Days
FEV1: Not Applicable
P. aeruginosa status: Not applicable
B. cepacia status: Not applicable
Other Primary Eligibility Requirements:

Note: Detailed eligibility criteria information may be available on If a specific trial listing for this trial is available, a link to the specific listing will be present in the "More Information" section below.
Sponsor Contact Information: Knowles, Michael
(919) 966-1077
Trial Specific Link on
Clinical Research Terms Glossary: Click here
The sites listed below are currently recruiting subjects. Please note that this list generally lists either the pediatric or adult program but not both even though both programs may be recruiting subjects. Also, this list does not include sites that may be participating in the study but are not yet open for recruitment. If you are interested in this study please contact your center for more information.
  • University of Iowa (Pediatric), Iowa City, IA, 52242
    Contact Information:
        Teresi, Mary
        Phone: (319) 384-7546
  • University of Kansas Medical Center (Adult), Kansas City, KS, 66160
    Contact Information:
        Schooley, Adam
        Phone: (913) 588-4022
  • Children's Hospitals and Clinics (Pediatric), Minneapolis, MN, 55404
    Contact Information:
        Johnson, Mahrya
        Phone: (612) 813-6384
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center (Pediatric), Jackson, MS, 39216
    Contact Information:
        Adcock, Kim
        Phone: (601) 815-9172
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Pediatric), Chapel Hill, NC, 27599
    Contact Information:
        Barlow, Carol
        Phone: (919) 966-9146
  • Women and Children's Hospital of Buffalo (Pediatric), Buffalo, NY, 14222
    Contact Information:
        Caci, Nadine
        Phone: (716) 878-7524
  • Beth Israel Medical Center (Adult), New York, NY, 10003
    Contact Information:
        Grece, Carroll Anne
        Phone: (212) 420-4196
  • Beth Israel Medical Center (Adult), New York, NY, 10003
    Contact Information:
        DiBenedetto, Donna
        Phone: (212) 420-4100
  • Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (Pediatric), Cincinnati, OH, 45229
    Contact Information:
        Decker, Beth
        Phone: (513) 803-4325
  • University Hospitals Case Medical Center/Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital (Pediatric), Cleveland, OH, 44106
    Contact Information:
        Ksenich, Roberta (Bobbi)
        Phone: (216) 844-5733
  • Nationwide Children's Hospital (Pediatric), Columbus, OH, 43205
    Contact Information:
        Gilmore, Diana
        Phone: (614) 722-4752
  • Drexel University College of Medicine (Adult), Philadelphia, PA, 19129
    Contact Information:
        Hillman, Judy
        Phone: (215) 762-5462
  • St. Christopher's Hospital for Children (Pediatric), Philadelphia, PA, 19134
    Contact Information:
        Fritsch, Jacqueline
        Phone: (215) 427-5956
  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (Pediatric), Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
    Contact Information:
        Hartigan, Elizabeth
        Phone: (412) 692-7060
  • University of Tennessee CF Care and Research Center (Pediatric), Memphis, TN, 38103
    Contact Information:
        Horobetz, Catherine
        Phone: (901) 287-5351
  • Vanderbilt Children's Hospital Vanderbilt University Medical Center (Pediatric), Nashville, TN, 37232
    Contact Information:
        Berry, Pamela
        Phone: (615) 936-8308
        Email: pamela.berry@Vanderbilt.Edu
  • Children's Hospital of Wisconsin Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin (Pediatric), Milwaukee, WI, 53201
    Contact Information:
        Kump, Theresa
        Phone: (414) 337-7144
  • West Virginia University CF Center (Pediatric and Adult), Morgantown, WV, 26505
    Contact Information:
        Clark, Tammy
        Phone: (304) 293-5264
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