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Study Name: Assessing Quality of Life in CF After Lung Transplant
Study Type: Observational
Intervention Category: Not Applicable
Study Sponsor: Woo, Marlyn

Funding for this trial has been provided in full or in part by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Therapeutics, Inc.
Study Phase: Other
Recruitment Status: Trial Completed
Study Drug(s): Not Applicable
Number of Participants Being Recruited: 300
Single / Multi-Center: Multi-Center
Researchers at CF care centers are using quality of life measurements to assist in determining the best time to refer for a lung transplant in CF children with end-stage lung disease. The way children with CF and their families perceive their quality of life is important when deciding when to refer children for a lung transplant.

The study will compare the quality of life perceptions in CF children who receive a lung transplant versus those children who are not lung transplant candidates. To determine this, researchers will be using a validated CF questionnaire that assesses the quality of life perception in children and their parents (or other caregivers).
Age: >= 6 Years
FEV1: - Percent Predicted
P. aeruginosa status: Not applicable
B. cepacia status: Not applicable
Other Primary Eligibility Requirements:

Note: Detailed eligibility criteria information may be available on If a specific trial listing for this trial is available, a link to the specific listing will be present in the "More Information" section below.
Sponsor Contact Information:
Trial Specific Link on Not Available
Clinical Research Terms Glossary: Click here
The sites listed below are currently recruiting subjects. Please note that this list generally lists either the pediatric or adult program but not both even though both programs may be recruiting subjects. Also, this list does not include sites that may be participating in the study but are not yet open for recruitment. If you are interested in this study please contact your center for more information.
  • Children's Hospital of Los Angeles (Pediatric), Los Angeles, CA, 90027
    Contact Information:
        Vajda, Natalie
        Phone: (323) 361-3255
  • Stanford University Medical Center (Pediatric), Palo Alto, CA, 94304
    Contact Information:
        Dunn, Colleen
        Phone: (650) 736-0388
  • Children's Hospital Boston (Pediatric), Boston, MA, 02115
    Contact Information:
        Fowler, Robert
        Phone: (617) 355-1834
  • St. Louis Children's Hospital Washington University (Pediatric), St. Louis, MO, 63110
    Contact Information:
        Burks, Patricia
        Phone: (314) 454-5175
  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Adult), Cincinnati, OH, 45267
    Contact Information:
        Major, Traci
        Phone: (513) 558-2079
  • University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Adult), Cincinnati, OH, 45267
    Contact Information:
        Roads, Tammy
        Phone: (513) 558-2148
  • Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC (Pediatric), Pittsburgh, PA, 15213
    Contact Information:
        Hartigan, Elizabeth
        Phone: (412) 692-7060
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