Great Strides 2006
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Lung Transplant Recipients Encouraged to Donate Lung Cells for Research

To determine the effectiveness of newly discovered compounds, scientists need CF lung cells for testing. In the past 15 years, following the discovery of the CF gene and major advances in the understanding of the basic science of cystic fibrosis, the CF Foundation has supported many additional drug discovery efforts. With this growth has come the increasing demand for lung cells by researchers.

Currently, with more than 25 CF compounds in the drug discovery and development pipeline, the need for CF lung cells is growing faster than the ability of researchers to attain them.
To facilitate lung cell availability, the CF Foundation recently engaged the National Disease Research Interchange (NDRI), which serves scientists with customized biomaterials for use in studies to understand human disease, to acquire CF lungs from transplant centers for use by CF Foundation-funded researchers.

To keep essential drug discovery efforts moving forward at a swift pace, the CF Foundation encourages all lung transplant candidates to consider donating their CF lungs to the NDRI. To participate in this vital program, transplant patients should speak with their transplant physician and/or coordinator. The transplant team should then contact Rose Fantasia at NDRI ( to make preparations for lung cell donation.