Great Strides 2006
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Top Teams for 2006

Team Name Chapter Total Raised*
Airgas Puritan Medical Multiple Chapters $150,000
Bank of America Multiple Chapters $130,000
Jay Walkers Southern California-Anaheim $126,525
DeLorenzo Dashers Texas Gulf Coast-Houston $118,609
Team Trevor Northern New England-Nashua $110,791
Foulger-Pratt Metro DC-Washington, DC $107,885
Foresters Multiple Chapters $101,019
Annie's Team Greater New York-Westchester $89,767
Beasley Allen Alabama-Birmingham $89,380
Jake's Team Greater New York-Long Island $82,298
Federal Realty Investment Trust Metro DC-Washington, DC/ Southern California-San Jose $77,346
Team Jenny Washington-Seattle $74,714
Mighty Magners Greater Illinois-Chicago $71,245
Faithful Footsteps Massachusetts-Boston $70,000
Rachel's Hope Metro DC-Washington, DC $65,075
Jacqueline's Team Greater New York-Westchester $64,624
Alli's Angels Northeast Texas-Dallas $63,612
Warriors for Wells Greater New Jersey-River Edge $63,061
Sal's Pals Metro Detroit-Detroit $61,607
Gerard Family Greater New Jersey-River Edge $61,154
Team Berger Greater New Jersey-River Edge $60,661
BB&T Corporation Multiple Chapters $59,754
Andy Gump Southern California-Los Angeles $56,325
Team Manzi Greater Illinois-Chicago $56,000
Team Jette Massachusetts-Boston $55,670
C.aring F.riends San Diego-San Diego $55,143
Patrick's Patrollers Northern New England-Nashua $53,158
Douglas Orr Plumbing Florida-Ft. Lauderdale $52,871
Team Maya Carolinas-Charlotte $52,019
Solvay Pharmaceuticals Multiple Chapters $50,792
Alison's Angels Washington-Seattle $50,286
Team Christina Greater Illinois-Chicago $50,201
Maggie's Miracle Makers Greater Illinois-Chicago $49,722
Sean's Pals Greater New Jersey-River Edge $49,668
Cingular Team Alabama-Birmingham $48,355
A & A Sister Team Florida-Tampa $47,972
Lo Detrich's Team Sooner-Tulsa $46,055
Maddie's Team Alabama-Birmingham $45,575
Team Tess Central New York-Syracuse $45,157
Evan's Team Massachusetts-Boston $44,865
Team Shad Central Pennsylvania $43,900
Team AJ Connecticut-Wethersfield $43,136
Haga Family Team Carolinas-Charlotte $42,683
Lauren's Lifesavers Delaware Valley-Philadelphia $41,976
Walk for Anna Greater Illinois-Chicago $41,920
Allie's Alliance Colorado-Denver $40,182
Team Niehaus Greater New York-Westchester $39,915
Charlotte's Crusaders Greater New York-Westchester $39,585
Team Thomas Greater New Jersey-River Edge $39,542
Team Jackson Virginia-Richmond $39,210
Lauren's Sole Support Northeast Texas-Ft. Worth $38,790
Kate's Crusaders Greater New York-Long Island $38,321
Ranger Walkers Maryland-Baltimore $38,290
M-I SWACO Team Texas Gulf Coast-Houston $38,149
Stanley's City Slickers Greater New York-Westchester $37,175
Team Ashton & Lola Heart of America-Kansas City $37,137
Breathe and Believe Florida-Ft. Lauderdale $37,065
The Friedman Team Maryland-Baltimore $36,787
Rachel's Hope Virginia-Richmond $35,961
Team Max Minnesota-Minneapolis $35,645
Scott's Team Heart of America-Kansas City $35,019
Team Zachery Northern New England-Nashua $34,970
Team Tommy Boy & Co. Delaware Valley-Philadelphia $34,723
This Team is Brought to You by the Letter E Georgia-Atlanta $34,539
Heidi's Team Greater Cincinnati $34,353
Quantum Real Estate Management Metro DC-Washington, DC $33,984
Nates Mates Western Pennsylvania-Pittsburgh $33,746
Colleen's Crew Maryland-Baltimore $33,535
Team Whitt Metro DC-Washington, DC $33,440
Heidi's Team Greater Cincinnati-Cincinnati $33,384
Walk with Confidence Massachusetts-Boston $32,995
Mackenzie's Mad Dogs Northeast Texas-Dallas $32,987
Worth Builders Florida-Palm Beach $32,897
Mary Lindsey's Team Alabama-Mobile $32,713
Team Reoh & Thor San Diego-San Diego $32,101
Jillian's Team Greater New York-Westchester $31,951
Hershey Medical Center Central Pennsylvania $31,800
Courtney's Crusade Connecticut-Wethersfield $31,375
Team Foulger Metro DC-Washington, DC $31,186
Team Christine Greater New Jersey-River Edge $30,920
Zarrow Foundation Sooner-Tulsa $30,875
Kissing Cousins Florida-Tampa $30,651
Spencer's Team Connecticut-Wethersfield $30,457
Team Feets Maryland-Baltimore $30,190
Rachel's Racers Carolinas-Raleigh $30,102
Team Femia Greater New York-Westchester $30,009
Maria's Marchers Rainbow $30,000

* as of July 31, 2006

Mark Your Calendars Now for Great Strides 2007

Save the date, spread the word, start brainstorming... It's time to think GREAT STRIDES 2007!

Mark the weekend of May 19-20, 2007 on your calendar today. It's not too early to begin thinking about new ways to rev up your GREAT STRIDES events and ensure that 2007 is another record-breaking year for fund-raising on behalf of CF research.

Thank You

The CF Foundation is proud to thank all who participated in GREAT STRIDES 2006. Your tremendous efforts take us closer to a cure. Special thanks to Outstanding Corporate Partner American Airlines® and National Corporate Partner Solvay Pharmaceuticals for their longstanding support.