Great Strides 2006
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GREAT STRIDES 2006 Hits Record High with New Volunteers and Expanded Sites

Seminole County Commissioner and walk chair, Bob Dallari (center in white), joins Matt Nabicht and his daughter Gillian (center in green) and the Seminole County Fire Department Team at the Sanford, Fla. walk.

The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s signature event, GREAT STRIDES, is projected to raise more than $31 million this year, an 11 percent increase from 2005. This outstanding support ensures that vital progress continues in the development of new therapies and the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis.

The success of GREAT STRIDES continues to depend on expanding the number of fund-raising walkers and engaging new teams from local companies and organizations, as well as the strong leadership of our CF families. Currently, events are held at approximately 550 sites nationwide. “This year, more towns across the country embraced GREAT STRIDES and made walk day a wonderful community event. Committee volunteers reached out to their local employers, governments and universities, as well as area leaders to form new teams. In addition, our families sought out new ways to increase their fund-raising goals,” said Ann Palmer, senior vice president of field management for the CF Foundation. “Overall, this year’s walks brought entire communities together to raise funds and awareness for a great cause.”

Approximately 60 new walk sites across the country raised more than $1 million in new revenue for the CF Foundation in 2006. The Southern California Chapter-South Bay Branch joined forces with two major community hubs: Stanford University and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, the home of a CF Foundation-accredited care center, to launch a new walk site. A friendly but fervent competition between various university departments ignited the first-year walk. With the leadership of co-chair Molly Pam, an 18-year-old with CF, and the spirited involvement of local families, corporations and the medical community, this new site brought in $85,000!

To get the Sanford Walk started, a family from the Florida Chapter-Orlando Office approached Seminole County Commissioner Bob Dallari for help. After meeting 4-year-old Gillian, who has CF, and her father Matt Nabicht, Dallari felt compelled to get involved. He also loved the idea of a walk that would bring all members of the community together and agreed to become the walk chair. At a corporate recruitment breakfast, Dallari encouraged local businesses to form company walk teams and secured several corporate sponsors. He also made personal visits to local companies, urging them to form walk teams. The Seminole County community raised nearly $77,000 in its first year and is already building bigger plans for GREAT STRIDES 2007!


Overall, this year's walks brought entire communities together to raise funds and awareness for a great cause."

Ann Palmer, Senior VP of Field Management
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The Alabama Chapter-Mobile Office hosted two new sites this year that raised nearly $55,000. The Fairhope walk, held on the Mobile Bay, included the very first GREAT STRIDES Canine Fashion Show! This pet-friendly activity got the community SPCA involved, as well as a local pet store. With the help of Cingular Wireless and other corporate supporters and families, this first-year site raised nearly $22,000! In Dothan, prominent local attorneys reached out to their business contacts and secured new walk teams and sponsors. Walk chair and local attorney Joseph Morris of Morris, Cary, Andrews, Talmadge, Jones and Driggers, who has no personal connection to CF, picked up the phone and got many local businesses energized to form walk teams and make donations. Local families and volunteers bolstered Morris’ efforts. The new Dothan site was the perfect motivator for local CF volunteers J.J. and Sylvia Shephard and their 9-year-old daughter Miranda, who has CF. “With the site closer to our home,” noted J.J.,“we could get more people involved and create a greater awareness of CF in the Dothan community.” Overall, the new site brought in nearly $33,000!

Across the nation, GREAT STRIDES 2006 featured a commitment to greater community outreach and the creation of new walk locations. Some of the family and corporate teams that made this year’s GREAT STRIDES such a success are featured in this special insert.