Great Strides 2007
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Junior Volunteer on the Case of a Cure

Abbi McCue (right) and C.F.I. team members, including her mom Angie Butler and friend Sarah Petri sport their CF Investigator T-shirts at the Hartland, Mich., walk.

An avid fan of the popular crime drama C.S.I., 14-year-old Abbi McCue did not have to think long about what to name her GS team. Dubbed the CF Investigators, Abbi’s team is dedicated to the CF Foundation’s mission to help find a cure for CF. As team leader or “chief investigator” on the case, Abbi led the way for family and friends at the GREAT STRIDES walk in Hartland, Mich., last year.

Abbi’s entrée into GREAT STRIDES occurred in 2004, after her younger cousin, Jon, was diagnosed with CF. Eager to help, she joined forces with her aunt’s GREAT STRIDES team, Team Johnny, and immediately put pen to paper to begin her letter-writing campaign. She noted her desire to raise funds springs from the simple and passionate hope to better Jon’s future: “I want him to live a long, happy, healthy life.”

Abbi found generous support for her cause. Her first letter-writing campaign in 2004 brought in more than $2,200. This year, the C.F.I. expanded her letter-writing efforts, sending a total of 200 letters to friends, relatives, teachers, local businesses and clients from her mother’s veterinary practice. Once again, her efforts paid off: many responded with letters of encouragement, and contributions exceeded those given in previous years.

This year Abbi also put her knack for event planning to work, organizing bake sales and rallying family and friends to contribute homemade confections. Overall, thanks in good part to Abbi’s enthusiastic and able leadership, the C.F.I.’s have raised more than $10,500 to date.