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CF Foundation Focuses on Bolstering Clinical Trials

Charles (Chip) Hawkins, Jr.
Lab Manager, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Baltimore, Maryland

Speaking Out

For me, clinical trials provide an opportunity to play a part in finding new treatments that will help me feel better.  I believe that all people with CF should participate in trials if they are able.  If people with the disease do not help with the research efforts, new drugs cannot be tested.  

With all of the safeguards that have been put into place to monitor participants, the risk associated with participation is very small.  I have participated in several clinical trials, and all of them have included constant and intense monitoring, which makes me feel safe.  Knowing that I am safe and that my participation is making an actual difference makes it a simple decision to participate.  I know that clinical trials represent the only avenue to new treatments and eventually a cure for this disease.  I just think about how awful it would be if the best treatment for CF was shelved by a pharmaceutical company due to a lack of patient involvement.  To prevent this, I will continue to do my part and participate. 

Get Involved

The CF Foundation invites all people with CF and their families to learn more about clinical research, ask their doctors and CF care center staff for information about clinical trials and join in the development of new treatments by volunteering for clinical trials. The CF Foundation encourages people with CF and their families to inquire about clinical trial opportunities in their area and get involved.  Your CF center staff can provide information about research being conducted within the center or at other research centers nearby.

Up-to-date information about CF clinical trials can be found on by clicking on the clinical trials and studies quick links on the home page or by calling the toll-free clinical trials hotline at (877) 8CF-JOIN.

We Need Your Help

The following large-scale trials are currently recruiting patient participants at multiple sites across the country.