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Campaign Launches New Fund-raising Effort

Milestones to a Cure Executive Committee Member Gary Sabin joins Milestones Campaign Chair Joe O’Donnell to rally new support for the major giving campaign.

Now entering the second year of its public phase, the Milestones to a Cure major giving campaign has received more than $100 million in commitments from generous donors nationwide. To ensure that momentum continues toward the $175 million goal, campaign leaders are launching the Milestones Club. The initiative aims to continue expanding support by enlisting donors who can make multi-year commitments from $50,000 to $100,000.

Campaign Chair Joe O’Donnell brought a small group of friends and colleagues together to launch the Milestones Club in Boston. Impressed by the Foundation’s work in therapeutics development, the group rallied to support the campaign. At the end of the evening, six couples agreed to kick off the Milestones Club by generously donating $50,000 each. With this increased support, the CF Foundation can ensure that advances in science continue at a fast pace. 

Local Foundation chapters are looking forward to recruiting Milestones Club members around the nation.

“The Milestones campaign is critical to the Foundation’s mission,” said C. Richard Mattingly, executive vice president and chief operating officer of the Foundation. “Every gift enables us to accelerate the development of new treatments and further our search for a cure. With the support of so many wonderful people, we will surely reach our goal.”