Great Strides 2008
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Triplets Pose Triple Threat to CF

Triplets Liza, Charlotte and Peirson Rogers, ages 14, proudly participate as Student Youth Board members for their high school on behalf of good friend Mary Lindsey Hannahan.

Good things—and good people— come in threes. Take triplets Charlotte, Liza and Peirson Rogers, who are working to help their good friend Mary Lindsey Hannahan, who has CF—and all the other children living with cystic fibrosis.

Having recently begun high school, they are  “more excited than ever to introduce the CF mission to our new classmates,” said Charlotte. Along with organizing and walking in the Alabama Chapter—Mobile Office’s GREAT STRIDES walk for the past six years, this year the sisters will return to the CureFinders® Student Youth Board at the UMS-Wright Preparatory School in Mobile, Ala. As members of the board, the triplets will raise students’ awareness of CF and recruit other schools to participate in CureFinders®.

Last fall, the triplets led UMS’ middle school classes to raise nearly $3,000 through a Jar Wars homeroom competition, and the girls say they will stick with Jar Wars as their new high school’s CureFinders® fund-raiser of choice.   Once again, Mary Lindsey will remain their inspiration. “During sleepovers, we watched Mary Lindsey go through all of her exercises, breathing treatments and take all of her enzymes just to have a normal night and be a normal kid,” explained Peirson. The triplets were determined to do something to help.

For the fall, the girls’ goals are to study hard and participate in UMS’ athletic program, make new friends and raise even more money for CF. “Everyone loves to compete and everyone loves to win,” said Liza. “But CureFinders® helps the real winners out there—all the kids battling CF!”