Great Strides 2008
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CF Foundation Supports Inspired Way to Treat CF

For more than 10 years, the CF Foundation has supported work leading to the development of denufosol, an inhaled therapy currently being tested for the treatment of cystic fibrosis. Developed by Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc., denufosol is designed to improve the movement of chloride across cell membranes, enhancing mucus hydration and clearance in the lungs.

“The CF Foundation has been with us since we started this project, and they have been a fantastic partner,” said Dave Mathews, associate director of clinical research at Inspire. “They have been a great advocate of our CF program and have always provided us with helpful feedback as we move through the phases of development.”

The most recent outcome of the collaboration was the announcement of positive results from Inspire’s first Phase 3 trial of denufosol. The study, called TIGER-1, enrolled 352 patients and those who took denufosol over a 24-week period had significantly improved lung function over those who took the placebo treatment.

TIGER-2, which has already begun enrollment, is the second Phase 3 trial of denufosol. The 48-week study will comprise approximately 450 CF patients, and is actively looking for participants. Bringing attention to the denufosol studies and encouraging patient participation is important, noted Amy Schaberg, vice president of clinical research at Inspire. “Our partnership with the CF Foundation has been critical in helping to raise awareness about our trials.”

“It’s vital that people with CF participate in the TIGER-2 trial,” said Robert J. Beall, Ph.D., president and CEO of the Foundation. “Denufosol could help maintain good lung function and reduce the need for aggressive CF therapies. Only with patient participation will we be able to move therapies that truly make a difference in CF to the marketplace.”