Great Strides 2008
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Charging Full Speed Ahead

Foundation Board of Trustees member KC Bryan White credits the work of the Foundation with adding significantly to her quality of life. Above, KC with her husband Justin and son Mac.

In 2004, when the Milestones to a Cure campaign was launched, we set a fund-raising goal of $175 million by the end of  2010. Today, we have raised nearly $130 million, and with a little more than two years to go, the campaign is highly energized, reaching out to people all over the country to support our drug development program.

“With $45 million left to raise, we’re well on our way,” said Campaign Chair Joe O’Donnell. In recent months, the campaign has helped to fuel groundbreaking discoveries, including VX-770, the first oral drug to address the basic defect in CF. For CF patients, this is an enormous step forward. “By targeting the basic defect,” said Foundation President and Chief Executive Officer Robert J. Beall, Ph.D.,  “we hope to alter the course of the disease and prevent its—all too often—devastating effects on a patient’s life.”

KC Bryan White, 29, a member of the Foundation’s Board of Trustees, has been battling CF her whole life. “There’s no question that my quality of life has been significantly improved by the drugs and treatments developed by the Foundation,” she said. “The work of the Foundation has enabled me to graduate college, marry and raise our son Mac, who’s now two.” White adds that as a Board member, she has had a close-up view of how potential therapies go from mere concept to drugs in clinical trials, and from drugs to actual treatments that benefit her and other patients. “Each time I look at the Foundation’s drug development pipeline, I have something concrete to put my hopes in,” White said. “It’s why I don’t hesitate one moment to reach out to others for their support of the Milestones campaign.       

O’Donnell said he has every confidence in the Milestones campaign at this important phase. “We’re really revved up and raring to go,” he said. “We’re in this campaign to win, and with the continued generosity of our loyal supporters and the new donors who respond to our call, win it we will!”