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CF Services Pharmacy Celebrates 20 Years

It all started 20 years ago with one patient, one prescription and one organization with a vision and a mission.  Today, it is CF Services, Inc., the CF Foundation's in-house pharmacy, which has filled more than one million prescriptions and provides services to CF patients throughout the United States.

The high cost of medication has always been a concern for people with CF. Recognizing this, the Foundation created an organization that offers affordable CF medications to consumers, while making the entire process as convenient as possible.  As a result, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Pharmacy (later renamed CF Services, Inc.) was established in 1988. 

In the first five months of its existence, more than 1,300 people obtained their medications through CF Services.  Today, nearly 8,000 customers take advantage of the convenience and savings that the pharmacy offers. 

CF Services also provides financial and product assistance to patients who may be unable to afford their medications, supports the CF community through grants to CFcare centers and chapters, and sponsors many other organizations that advocate for people with CF.

"We believe that CF is complicated, so getting medication shouldn't be," said Dan Klein, vice president of CF Services.  "By using the CF Services Pharmacy you are supporting the CF community and our mission to make sure that every CF patient has access to the medications they need."