FAQs About Monthly Giving

Make a Monthly Donation

Is there a minimum donation?

Yes, a $10 minimum monthly donation is required.

On which day will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged on the 15th of every month.

How do I increase/decrease or suspend my monthly, online gift amount?

Simply email your full name and daytime phone number to annualfund@cff.org or call (800) FIGHT CF and we can make changes to your monthly giving commitment.

Can I cancel for one particular month?

Yes, you may suspend a monthly payment by calling (800) FIGHT CF or by sending an email to annualfund@cff.org.

What happens when my credit card expires?

You can proactively call us to update your card or a representative of the CF Foundation will call you to update your information.

How will receipts be handled? Every month or annually?

You will be sent a gift summary at the end of the year totaling your contributions.

Can I make a monthly donation via EFT?

We can only accept credit or debit card gifts only.

Will my monthly gift qualify me for membership in Partners in Progress?

Gifts that total $100 or more also will qualify donors as members of Partners in Progress annual fund at the member level or higher.

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Updated 6/27/13