CF at School

The following resources are intended for parents of children who are starting daycare or elementary school, parents of children who need additional support as their children transition through grade levels and teachers who have questions about working with students who have CF.

School and CF - Click on image to download this pamphlet.

Formalizing special
using IEP or 504

School, Enzymes, Sports - Click on image to download this fact sheet.

The nutritional needs
of students with CF

Exercise and CF - click on image to download pamphlet.

The importance of
exercise for people
with CF

Additional Resources

  • Get Germ Smart – Read and download posters, animated videos and a fact sheet on germ basics that can be used in the classroom.

  • Tip Sheets – Find easy-to-reference ways to guard against germs in health care settings and everyday life.

  • Webcasts – Hear from the experts on infection prevention and control in CF.

  • Staying Healthy – Learn more about maintaining health while living with CF.

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Updated: 8/20/2014