Quality Improvement Initiative

Successful companies use quality improvement methods to create safer and better products. Today, many health organizations are using similar methods to find new ways to set goals, foster positive change and maximize the quality of care they provide.

To inspire action and strengthen partnerships, the Foundation provides care center data for key health measures for each of its accredited care centers. These include:

  • Lung function as measured by FEV1% predicted; 
  • Nutritional status as measured by body mass index or BMI;
  • Percent of people with CF screened for CF-related diabetes (CFRD); and
  • Percent of people with CF who had the recommended four clinic visits, one sputum or throat culture and two lung function tests (PFT) per year.

We hope this data will both inform and encourage you to make a plan with your health care team to improve your or your child's care. The Foundation has created a Quality Improvement Toolkit to help people with CF, their families anc care centers become successful partners in improving the quality of CF care.

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Updated: 3/19/2014