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In the Spotlight

Branch & Dean: Country Music Duo

In the Spotlight - Branch & Dean

Branch & Dean have received support from people all over the world who have heard their song, and say they feel fortunate that they are able to use their music to help change lives.

In their new, hit song “The Dash,” country music duo Marlon Dean Scallan and Steve Branch — known as Branch & Dean — ask listeners, “From the first breath to the last, how will you spend your dash?”

The longtime friends wrote the song in honor of Branch’s son, Theron, who died of cystic fibrosis earlier this year. Following Theron’s passing, Branch & Dean have made it their mission to help support the efforts of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Branch & Dean recently sat down with us to talk about the song and the inspiration behind it.

Q: The song was written in honor and in memory of your son Theron. Can you tell us a little about him?

A: Theron was a very loving, very caring person. He was only 23 when he died, but he always put others before himself. I remember when he was 10 or so, someone called our house and asked if Theron would be interested in participating in a clinical trial for cystic fibrosis. I sat down and talked with him about it. A week or so went by, and he came to me and said, ‘Dad, if there is a possibility that this could help someone else, then I want to do it.’ That’s just how he was. My son wasn’t worried about himself dying. He was worried about other people dying. He is my hero and he taught me how to live my dash.

In the Spotlight - Branch & Dean

Steve Branch with his beloved son, Theron, who passed away at the age of 23 from cystic fibrosis.

Q: “The Dash” has reached No. 1 in European Charts and No. 15 in the U.S. What kind of response have you received from fans?

A: There has been a tremendous outpouring of support from people all over the world. We get emails and phone calls every day from people who have lost loved ones to CF and other rare diseases telling us how much the song means to them. Music is intended to change lives and we feel so fortunate that we’re able to do that with this song. The support we’ve received lets us know that we’re doing the right thing.

Q: A lot of people find “The Dash” to be very healing. What does the song mean to you?

A: When my son passed, it changed our whole lives. Dean and I have been singing and writing music since we were little. Suddenly, our music wasn’t just country music. It became music with a purpose. In some ways, we like to say that we didn’t write this song. We believe this song was given to us as a tool for hope. We’re able to use this song to help people overcome grief and sadness and that’s what life is about — helping others.

Q: If he were alive today, what do you think Theron would say about the song and its growing popularity?

A: I’m telling you right now, he’d be smiling. One of the things Theron always wanted to do was be a spokesperson for CF. In some ways, I believe this song is helping him live that dream.

For more information about Branch & Dean, visit their website.

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