Forbes Highlights CF Foundation Research

Two cystic fibrosis research initiatives are featured in the Sept. 18 issue of Forbes.  The article reflects not only the work of CF Foundation partners, Inspire Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc., but also the Foundation’s sound investments in new therapies.  This piece demonstrates that the Foundation’s efforts are paying off.

Inspire’s research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill led to the development of denufosol – a promising therapy moving through our robust drug development “pipeline.” Denufosol has just entered Phase 3 clinical trials and will be available to patients willing to participate in the trials at about 60 CF Foundation-accredited care centers. This work has been supported by the Foundation for more than 15 years.

The piece also mentions the success of another CF Foundation investment.  Because of the Foundation’s support of Vertex’s high-throughput screening technology, scientists have discovered a compound (known as VX-770), which appears to help correct one part of the CFTR protein that causes CF cells to be defective.  VX-770 just recently began a Phase 1 clinical trial.  The Foundation will continue to support Vertex as they work to develop other highly specialized drugs for CF – with a commitment that may exceed $70 million overall.

Success stories such as these are made possible through the generosity of CF Foundation supporters.  Together, we are adding tomorrows every day to the lives of those with cystic fibrosis.

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Posted 9/18/06