CF Foundation Highlighted in Cleveland Plain Dealer

 February 22, 2007

The Cleveland Plain Dealer published a story about the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s efforts to fight cystic fibrosis with major investments in drug research. The article, published on February 16, describes the Foundation’s innovative business model, which entices companies to get involved in CF research by offering early-stage funding and reducing their financial risk.

The story, “Venture Philanthropy Targets a Cure,” features the Foundation’s $9 million investment in an important potential gene therapy for CF—one of more than 25 promising therapies in our drug discovery and development pipeline. The story highlights the business relationship between the Foundation and Copernicus Therapeutics, Inc., the company researching the gene therapy, and notes that since 2001, the Foundation has invested $200 million in companies with the potential to commercialize therapies for CF.

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