Washington Post Highlights Cystic Fibrosis Care as Model

March 20, 2007

In a March 20 article called "Doctors Examine Themselves," the Washington Post reports on a new book by physician Atul Gawande in which he says treatment for cystic fibrosis is a model for other diseases because CF Foundation-accredited care centers create an atmosphere of openness. Specifically, Gawande credits the CF Foundation for sharing medical outcome data with the public and thus "identifying superior programs and challenging the less successful ones to improve."

Studying and emulating how the best care is achieved, says Gawande, "is the best way to enhance the performance of physicians and thus do right by patients." Gawande's new book is called, "Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance."'

In November, the CF Foundation broke new ground by publicly reporting medical outcomes data for each of its more than 115 care centers nationwide. The data is available at www.cff.org under "Care Center Network." It shows how well patients as a whole are doing at each center and how outcomes compare to national averages and goals set by medical experts.

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