Volunteers Recognized for Outstanding Fund-raising Efforts

 Volunteer Leadership Initiative
Harvey Platt, CEO of Platt Electric Supply (second from left), was honored for his commitment to the Foundation's mission. 
April 2, 2007

On March 9-10, the CF Foundation held its annual Volunteer Leadership Initiative (VLI) meeting to recognize many key volunteers across the country for their outstanding fund-raising efforts. Harvey Platt, Linda Cooke and Belinda Keiser were among those who received special recognition for their ability to draw new supporters, raise awareness about cystic fibrosis and rally entire communities behind the Foundation’s mission.

Unlike many who volunteer with the Foundation, Harvey Platt, CEO of Platt Electric Supply, had no personal connection to the disease—only a desire to help a worthy cause. Since 1989, Platt and his company continue to expand their support each year. The company currently sponsors Bob Gilder's Platt Golf Challenge, as well as Great Strides walks in Oregon and Washington. In addition, Platt, who serves on the Oregon Chapter’s Board of Directors, convinced Barry Manilow to bring his show from the Vegas stage to the Portland arena in January 2007, raising $400,000 for CF research.

Since Linda Cooke was first recognized at the South Florida Office’s Fort Lauderdale’s Finest, she has gone from being an honoree to leader of the office’s volunteer recruitment efforts. As the Volunteer Leadership Initiative chair, Cooke’s enthusiastic leadership has helped her enlist new volunteers to serve on various event committees and new members to Jeb Bush Florida Classic’s exclusive honorary committee. The honorary committee brings together participants who donated or raised more than $50,000 each. Cooke was also instrumental in recruiting Belinda Keiser of Keiser University to the Foundation.

Belinda and her husband Dr. Arthur Keiser quickly embraced the cause despite no personal connection to the disease. After building a strong relationship with the South Florida Office, Keiser University has become a valuable partner of the CF Foundation. The university sponsored the Jeb Bush Florida Classic and created their own innovative fund-raising events across Florida to raise awareness and money for CF.

“The CF Foundation is extremely grateful to Harvey, Linda and Keiser University for their tremendous support,” said Robert J. Beall, Ph.D., the Foundation’s president and CEO. “For so many parents and families, the CF Foundation represents hope for a cure. Their contributions will enable us to continue critical research and keep that hope alive.”