Foundation Supporters Take Aim at Finding a Cure

April 26, 2007

Shoot for a Cure
The team from Mardant Electric took home the top prize in the Class A category at the Florida Chapter-North Florida Office’s Shoot for a Cure.
“My youngest daughter, Zoe, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis on the eve of her first birthday. After 11 months, 24 doctor visits and two hospitalizations, we finally had a name to what was ravaging Zoe’s tiny 1-year-old body,” said Zoe’s father Scott Ose, as he addressed the guests at the Florida Chapter-North Florida Office’s Shoot for a Cure Presented by Adams Interior Contractors & Batson Cook Construction. “Since then, we’ve learned a lot about CF and the ongoing research that turned our story from a tragedy to one of hope.”

On March 26, more than 100 people joined Ose at Thrifty Outdoors in Jacksonville, Fla., for a dinner aimed at making a difference in the lives of people with CF. Country singer Katie Gillard entertained the crowd as they browsed the silent auction, which included passes to Busch Gardens in Tampa and one-year members to the Jacksonville Zoo.

Following Ose’s compelling Bid for a Cure speech, all were inspired to support the Foundation’s mission. “We see in your support, the hope for Zoe’s future,” he said. Guests’ excitement to help raise money created an energetic atmosphere for the live auction. Up for grabs was a ½ day hunt at Live Oak Plantation in Adel, Ga. With many hunting enthusiasts in the crowd, the popular package sold for more than $1,000.

While the dinner served as an appetizer to the event, the much-anticipated main course took place the following day at W.W. Sporting Clays. Clay pigeons flew through the air. Competition was fierce during the 90-target round of sporting clays, as 35 teams of four vied for the top spot. Precision and speed were needed during the flurry event, which gave participants only two minutes to shoot 40 clays from four stations. By the end of the day, three teams—Mardant Electric, Ring Power and Thrifty Outdoors—won their respective expertise classes, but all had an exciting day.

Under the leadership of chairs Jody Adams and Richard Lovelace, the event raised more than $71,000. Specials thanks go to Doug Meyers, Gayle Staton, Allen Bender, Eddie O’Halloran, Bill Carr, Bill Klima and David Barksdale, as well as corporate sponsors Stellar, Miller Electric Co., Empire Tilt-up Systems & Thrifty Outdoors and Bender & Modlin Fire Sprinkler, Inc.