Mackenzie Rosman Visits Top CureFinders Fund-raising School

May 21, 2007

With a crowd of students anxiously awaiting her arrival, actress Mackenzie Rosman, best known for her role as Ruthie Camden on the CW network’s television series “7th Heaven,” made a special guest appearance at two lucky schools in Oklahoma today.

No, "7th Heaven" wasn’t relocating from sunny California. Instead, Rosman was delivering heavenly thanks to Edmond, Oklahoma’s Deer Creek High School, the top earning fund-raising school in 2006 for the CF Foundation’s CureFinders program.

As the national honorary chair for CureFinders, Rosman came to thank students at Deer Creek for their tremendous efforts to raise money for CF research. Through food sales, dances and many other exciting activities, students raised $32,000 in just one week.

“For me, the fight against cystic fibrosis is personal,” said Rosman. “My stepsister Katelyn has CF, and she recently underwent a double lung transplant. Our family wants to thank the students of Oklahoma for their dedication to fighting this devastating disease.”

While in Oklahoma, Rosman also stopped by a school assembly at Edmond Memorial High School as a special thank you to the students’ current fund-raising efforts. Edmond Memorial leads the country in CureFinders fund-raising for 2007. Adding their own spin to CureFinders, students asked for donations, organized dances, dodge ball tournament, choir concerts, and set dares, like shaving their heads, for money.
“I want to personally thank the students and staff of Deer Creek High School and Edmond Memorial High School, who worked so hard to raise money and help us fight cystic fibrosis,” said Robert J. Beall, Ph.D., president and CEO of the CF Foundation. “We are grateful to all the students in Oklahoma—and around the country—who participate in CureFinders. With their help, we hope to make CF stand for ‘Cure Found.’”