Get More Mileage Out of Your Vehicle by Raising Funds for CF

December 3, 2007

Marybeth Murdock of Washington, DC knew it was time to part with her Honda Accord, but the engine was still strong. “I kept thinking there must be a way it could do someone some good,” she said. There was. She decided to donate it to the CF Foundation’s Vehicle Donation program to help fund valuable research for CF.

Since the CF Foundation’s Vehicle Donation began in 2004, it has raised more than $350,000. The program is a simple way to support the search for a cure. And it’s tax deductible.

Just about every vehicle you can think of is eligible: autos, classic cars, trucks, sports utilities, motor homes, boats, airplanes, farm equipment and construction equipment. The program is fast, easy and a great way to help CFF.

Moreover, cars are sold at over 250 of the best automobile auctions in the country. 

You may donate online or you can simply call 1-800-456-5517.

Your neighbors will thank you, there will be one less vehicle to buy gas for and most important, you will be doing something tangible to help fund research to help control—and cure—cystic fibrosis.