2007 News Archive

05/14/07   CF Foundation Featured in Multiple News Publications
05/11/07   Picture a Cure
05/08/07   Prominent California Gala Raises $550,000
05/07/07   Speak Out for Cystic Fibrosis
05/07/07   Help Make May CF Awareness Month
05/02/07   An Evening with the Master Chefs
04/30/07   Texans Walk for a Cure
04/26/07   Foundation Supporters Take Aim at Finding a Cure
04/24/07   On the Streets of New Pork
04/23/07   Inhaled Antibiotic Used to Treat CF Shows Positive Results in Clinical Trials
04/19/07   Novartis Signs On as a Great Strides Partner
04/17/07   Lewis Black Shines on CF Foundation Stage
04/16/07   Southern Californians Hit the Links and “Drive for a Cure”
04/13/07   Northeastern PA Chapter Springs into Tennis Season
04/12/07   Solvay Pharmaceuticals Increases Commitment to Great Strides
04/10/07   Culinary Creations of Oregon’s Top Chefs Cook Up $244,000
04/09/07   CF Foundation Launches Great Strides Walks in 550 Locations Nationwide
04/04/07   Beth Sufian, Lawyer, Wins Alex Award
04/03/07   Pittsburgh Penguins Serve It Up for CF
04/02/07   Corporations Receive Award for Dedication to Foundation
04/02/07   Volunteers Recognized for Outstanding Fund-raising Efforts
03/26/07   Michigan Passes Newborn Screening Law for Cystic Fibrosis
03/20/07   Washington Post Highlights Cystic Fibrosis Care as Model
03/19/07   Possible New Approach to Treat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria
03/19/07   CF Services Partners with drugstore.com to Launch Web Store
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