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Skating Toward a Cure in Texas

March 24, 2008

Eisbahn volunteers help fight cystic fibrosis by ice skating in Fredericksburg, Texas.
The Board members of the Fredericksburg Lifeline Foundation stand on firm ice. Left to right, they are Nancy Thompson, Marty Vaughn, Peggy Thompson, Kerry Vaughn, Cynthia Stewart and Karlene Jones. 
The ice was smooth, the hot chocolate was sweet, and the skaters were raring to go. Eisbahn is a skating event presented by the Fredericksburg Lifeline Foundation (FLF) in Fredericksburg, Texas every holiday season from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Skaters of all ages take to the Kinderhalle ice rink with great enthusiasm. Eisbahn has raised more than $130, 000 for the CF Foundation to date.

The FLF is dedicated to providing funding for CF research, assisting those living with cystic fibrosis and enhancing awareness of the disease. “Not only has Eisbahn brought CF to the attention of many in our community, but it has also raised valuable dollars toward finding a cure,” said Dr. Nancy Thompson, founder and chairperson of the FLF. “At Eisbahn we like to say ‘Hope skates.’”

Dr. Thompson adds, “At the FLF, we recognize that the CF Foundation is at the forefront of cystic fibrosis research. We are pleased to help fund their ongoing efforts, which are our best hope for controlling and ultimately curing CF.” 

A special highlight of this season’s Eisbahn was a silent auction that included an original painting by renowned Texas artist G. Harvey, winner of the prestigious New Masters Award from the American Artist Professional League’s Grand National Exhibition in New York. The painting, Sleigh Ride Memories, brought in an impressive $18,637.

Eisbahn could never have happened without the generous support of numerous sponsors. Click here to learn more about Eisbahn.

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