Small Walks Equal Big Bucks for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

October 17, 2008

Members of Team Southern Hope assist with registration on the day of the Carolinas Chapter-Raleigh Office's Outer Banks Great Strides walk.
Tina Hodgson, Marie Anderson and Annette McCargo of Team Southern Hope assist with registration on the day of the Outer Banks Great Strides walk.
Some of the best things come in small packages. Take the Carolinas Chapter-Raleigh Office’s Outer Banks Great Strides walk, for example—in its second year, the small community walk experienced a whopping 50 percent growth in donations to raise $47,000. And the Western New York Chapter’s rural Salamanca walk raised nearly double the previous year’s amount!

Details That Made A Difference

Branching out was the key to success for both walk sites. Determined to grow the number of walk teams, the Salamanca Great Strides committee asked each committee member to recruit one new team or expand their own team—leading to five new walk teams and more than
$16,000 raised in 2008. 

After participating in last year’s first-annual Outer Banks walk, Reilly’s Rebels Fighting for a Cure Team Leader Lisa Winslow and daughter Cindy split off to launch the nearby Elizabeth City walk. Held in the small North Carolina farming community, Elizabeth City managed to raise an impressive $31,000 through mom and pop businesses and strong community support.

“We are proof that several dedicated families can make a difference,” said Lisa Winslow, whose granddaughter Reilly has CF. “All it took was a well-developed plan, some great, caring and passionate people to work that plan and always remembering why we’re working so hard—to find a cure for cystic fibrosis.” 

Thanks a Million

Many thanks to the following top family and corporate teams:

Elizabeth City – Family Teams:

  • Ava’s Angels
  • Faye’s Fighters
  • Reilly’s Rebels Fighting for a Cure
  • Reilly’s Rebels 2 

Elizabeth City – Corporate Teams:

  • Long and Foster
  • BB&T
  • Team HREM
Outer Banks – Family Teams:
  • Blogger Joggers
  • Church of the Outer Banks
  • Embellishers
  • Patty Sue
  • Southern Hope
Outer Banks – Corporate Teams:
  • Atlantic Financial Services
  • Knapp and Lowman
  • Nags Head Fire rescues
  • Outer Banks Wedding association
  • Kitty Hawk Kites
Salamanca – Family Teams:
  • Big Play Andy J
  • Sandi’s Strollers
  • Wolf Pack
  • CF Troopers
  • Team Matt
Salamanca – Corporate Teams:
  • St. Bonaventure University
  • Parkview Supermarket
  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church