Obama Cites Cincinnati CF Center as an Example of “Outstanding” Care

June 15, 2009

Earlier today, President Obama went before the American Medical Association in Chicago, Ill. to outline and urge support for his Administration’s plan to overhaul the U.S. health care system. In the speech, Obama highlighted the success of a CF Foundation-accredited care center in Ohio to illustrate how a reformed health care system could provide better health outcomes for all Americans.

President Obama emphasized the need “to build on the examples of outstanding medicine at places like the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, where the quality of care for cystic fibrosis patients shot up after the hospital began incorporating suggestions from parents.”

In 2002, the Foundation launched its Quality Improvement Initiative at Foundation-accredited care centers across the country. The Cincinnati care center is  one of many care centers that have achieved significant improvements in key indicators of health for people with CF since the Initiative was implemented.

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