The New York Times Features Personal Stories of People with CF

June 10, 2009 

The New York Times Web site is featuring the stories of cystic fibrosis patients and family members, who describe their experience of living with CF through audio interviews and photographs in a series called “Patient Voices.”

Emily Haager, a 26-year-old surfer explains how the disease affects her: “It feels like you’re breathing through a small straw all the time. I’m unable to take a big breathe, and allow it to satisfy me…” Haager says she is vigilant about her treatment regiment and grateful for increased survival rates. “I had no idea I’d live this long, she says. “I’m just excited to take every moment I can get.”

Less than 20 years ago the median life span for people with cystic fibrosis was 29, the story says. “Today, with new treatments and earlier diagnosis, those with the inherited disorder are living longer, more fulfilling lives.”

Click here to listen to the interviews and view the pictures.