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We are here to help people with CF get the insurance coverage they need. Hear how the Foundation helped the Cox family.

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 2011 Great Strides, Great Stories

Each month through the end of the year, we’ll feature a special person or team who played an integral role in the 2011 Great Strides walks. We hope you’ll find this story to be inspiring as we continue to make Great Strides in our efforts to find a cure for CF!

Trevor Salema - Team Trevor 

Walk: York Beach, Maine, Great Strides held May 22, 2011

Team: Team Trevor, led by Trevor, 12, who has CF, siblings Cooper, 8, and Gracie, 6, and parents Christie and Durval Salema

Impact: Raised $140,000 in 2011

Trevor, who led his team to a Little League Championship win this summer, dreams of playing professionally some day.
Trevor, who led his team to a Little League
Championship win this summer, dreams of playing
professionally some day.
Why I Walk

I walk in Great Strides because it helps raise money and awareness for cystic fibrosis, and it makes me feel good that I can do that. My family and friends come, and we usually all walk together in a big group. I like that our walk is on the York beach. I always go in the water.

How I Stay Healthy

At school, I sanitize and wash my hands frequently and stay away from people who have colds. Every morning and night, I do the vest and hypertonic saline, which takes me 20 minutes each time.

My CF Challenges

This summer I went to the hospital for a bronchoscopy and a PICC line. I spent 6 days in the hospital, needed 59 days of antibiotics and had 14 days with the PICC line in.

While I was in the hospital, it was hard because I couldn’t really go outside much or do many things. But my doctor let me go out to a Red Sox game, and that was a lot of fun. I had friends and family come visit me in the hospital, too.

My Dream

This summer my team won the Little League Championship. I pitched during that game. My dream is to be a Major League Baseball player some day.

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