U.S. to Lower Public Insurance Premiums for People with CF and other Pre-Existing Conditions

June 2, 2011 

A public insurance program designed for people with pre-existing conditions like cystic fibrosis will soon be cheaper and easier to sign up for. 

Officials announced Tuesday that Pre-Existing Condition Insurance premiums will be reduced by up to 40 percent in 18 of the 23 states where the plan is offered.

People with cystic fibrosis and other pre-existing conditions have often struggled to find insurance coverage, since private insurance companies consider them “high risk.”

Beginning in July, all states that administer the program will also make it easier for patients to apply by dropping the requirement that people need a denial from an insurance company to qualify.

Under the new rules, patients will simply need a note stating that they have an illness or disability from a doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner. To qualify, individuals must have been uninsured for six months.

The changes will make it easier and more affordable for people with cystic fibrosis to get health insurance.

Learn more about the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Program.

If you or your child is having trouble obtaining coverage for CF medications or care, please contact the Cystic Fibrosis Legal Information Hotline. The Hotline provides free information about healthcare coverage and the laws that protect the rights of people with cystic fibrosis.