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Eat, Drink and Help Cure CF: Food and Wine Aficionados Raise $180,000 to Help Support Foundation’s Mission

November 8, 2013

Baltimore’s top chefs showcased their signature dishes at the Maryland Chapter’s Passion for Food and Wine event.

Baltimore’s top chefs showcased their signature dishes at the Maryland Chapter’s Passion for Food and Wine event, which raised $180,000 to help support the mission of the CF Foundation.

Food and wine aficionados raised $180,000 to help support the search for a cure for cystic fibrosis at the Maryland Chapter’s Passion for Food and Wine event, held at the Four Seasons Hotel September 12 in Baltimore.

Guests were treated to a unique culinary experience by some of Baltimore’s top chefs, who each showcased their signature dishes in a five-course tasting menu. Cuisine was paired with fine wines from a private collector’s cellar, as well as cocktails made by Baltimore’s favorite mixologists.

“This evening was made special by the 16 wonderful chefs who took great pride in creating menus that guests would savor,” said Rich Kendrick, Maryland Chapter board member and co-chair of the event. “This fundraiser has become the best culinary event in Baltimore and features incredible food paired with fine wines and the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore! It is really touching to see so many talented, creative people come together all in the name of curing this disease.”

Guests at the event were treated to a five-course tasting menu and fine wines.

Guests at the event were treated to a five-course tasting menu and fine wines.

In addition to creating colorful menu selections, Baltimore’s top chefs also auctioned dinner parties at private homes in Maryland. Each dinner serves 10-12 guests and features wine from Rick Kendrick’s private cellar and the Kalaris Family Vineyards, owned by Gus Kalaris, board member of the Maryland Chapter.

The highlight of the evening came when an emotional video featuring 29-year-old Colleen Clary Perzan was played. Colleen has CF and created the video as a way to document her previous year’s struggles, as well as thank guests for supporting the cause. Colleen spoke in person at last year’s Passion for Food and Wine event, but was unable to attend this year’s event because of health concerns.

“Colleen’s inspirational video greeting touched many hearts,” Kendrick said. “Her bravery and her passion for life reminded us all what this event is really about.”

The Maryland Chapter would like to thank corporate sponsors:

  • Stifel
  • Sylvan Laureate
  • Axios Wine
  • Groove Commerce
  • Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore

And the chefs and restaurants who donated their time and talent to the event:

  • Jonah Kim – Pabu
  • Chad Gauss – The Food Market
  • Jerry Pellegrino – Waterfront Kitchen
  • Zack Mills – Wit and Wisdom
  • Spike Gjerde/Opie Crooks – Woodberry Kitchen
  • Oliver Becket – Four Seasons
  • Rey Eugenio – Ouzo Bay
  • Kenny Hamilton – Talara
  • Carols Gomez, Daniel Alvarez – Grille 700
  • Tim Dyson – Blue Grass Tavern
  • Brett Lockard – Blue Hill Tavern
  • Matt Ellis – Roy’s
  • Matt Jaffe – The Capital Grille
  • Chris Becker, Chris Amendola – Fleet Street Kitchen
  • Sergio Vitale – Aldo’s and Chazz, the Bronx original
  • Cyrus Keffer – Fork and Wrench
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