July 2012
Cx - July 2012 - Medical News Briefs
Medical News Briefs: Targeting the Basic Defect
An update on research to develop drugs that target the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis.

Cx - July 2012 - Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond
This budding rodeo star brings her trademark grin and strength in fighting CF to the arena and beyond.

Cx - July 2012 - Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials: Are You “In the Know?”
When volunteering for a clinical trial, it helps to know all of the facts. Get tips on what to ask your CF clinical research team so you can make an informed decision about joining a study.

Cx - July 2012 - Transitioning Care
Transitioning Up
Mary Elizabeth Huggins, 19, shares her experiences as a patient transitioning from pediatric to adult CF care.

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